The Kerosene Hours “I Don’t Wanna Go Outside” From the record Fantasy Ultra

The Kerosene Hours “I Don’t Wanna Go Outside” is a focus track from a hauntingly cinematic record. The Kerosene Hours remains true to their mysterious and dark brand. The album has a mid-tempo listen with mold breakers “Hello Crazy” and “Shimmy Shimmy Void”. “I Don’t Wanna Go Outside” closes the record in a fitting way with an epic melodic guitar and pounding drums. The background vocal really adds to the sense of mystery while the lead vocals powerful performance brings a dramatic and epic punch to the track. The song ends abruptly and a message about the end of the record comes from a ham radio sounding announcer. If you’re in the mood to listen to music from the void or the other side of darkness check out the record Fantasy Hours by the Kerosene Hours.

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