Stains of a Sunflower “Sugar Lips”

Stains of a Sunflower “Sugar Lips” is a perfect blend of sugary sweet and edgy attitude. The lyrical narrative bounces between sensual romance, good times with friends and introspective lines about letting go of your worries all the way to sipping on some delicious freshly squeezed OJ. What really brought me in for this tune was a combination of the angelic way Natalie says “Hey” in an enchanting falsetto before descending into compelling lines about wanting to lose your mind and partying coupled with some tasty melodic guitar, bass and dynamic percussion. Stains of a Sunflower has been proving themselves as a powerful pop rock act since 2016 and continues to grow consistently with every release. I’ve really enjoyed following Stains of a Sunflower during my time in Boston all the way to Los Angeles. Here’s to hoping for many more great tracks from Stains of a Sunflower.

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