Ryan Cassata “Queer Love Outlaw (Acoustic)”

Ryan Cassata “Queer Love Outlaw (Acoustic)” is a protest song and a call to action to rebel against the repressive outlook of homophobia and transphobia. Ryan Cassata has been a rising voice for in the queer community and his catalog spans 10 albums and 28 singles, that’s what you call prolific. It’s always cool to see an artist go for the acoustic rendition although I’m having trouble finding a full band version and I’d imagine “Queer Love Outlaw” would look great in punk with its driving tempo and intense lyrics. We’ve been following Ryan Cassata for a while now and it’s time you do too. Check out Ryan Cassata “Queer Love Outlaw (Acoustic)” below!

Currently, Ryan is in the final stages of editing his memoir and spending time in the studio with his band-recording a new album of original music which follows his most recent full-band production album SHINE.

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