Glass Echoes “Past The Sundown”

Glass Echoes “Past The Sundown” is a dreamy and soothing indie rock track that features soaring falsetto runs in the vocalists performance and ambient synth work to accompany. The percussion is punchy but minimalistic and the message is slightly unclear with the vocal timbre used but it is fitting because the song was written in homage to how slowing down and breathing is the most fundamental part of our existence. Glass Echoes “Past The Sundown” is a great slow rise to the day, check it out below!

  • Artist quote
  • Chris: “At first, we just had the mellow verses and super intimate chorus. I remember suggesting to Ben to come up with some big, epic, synthy, ambient bridge, and he came up with that idea – ‘taking it to the moon.’ This album, and song in particular, was from the get-go us passing back and forth these ideas and concepts and sounds, and the next day seeing what we send each other (since a lot of this was created remotely during Covid life) – constantly being inspired by each other and feeding off the creativity.”

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