Erin Ash Sullivan “Train From Gary”

Erin Ash Sullivan “Train From Gary” has a high level of narrative as it follows the singer Erins discovering her complex and very interesting grandmothers life as she went from Broadway actress to wife to grandmother. See below for Erin Ash Sullivans description of why she wrote the track.

“When you’re young, your grandparents seem OLD….and it wasn’t until after I had grown up and my grandmother – my idol – had died that I realized how much I didn’t know about her life. A talented singer, she fled the Midwest to sing in New York City cabarets during WW2 and ended up getting cast in the original Broadway production of Oklahoma, but she left the show before it opened to marry my grandfather. The lyrics of this song are just some of the questions I’d ask my grandmother if I could.”

The track “Train From Gary” is a classic Americana arrangement which is fitting as the town of Gary, OK doesn’t have more than a couple thousand of residents and makes sense to have the track be so deeply rooted in American history share the sonic quality of the land. If you’re looking for some great folk lyrics look no further!


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