Sofi Gev “Bloom”

Sofi Gev “Bloom”was an introspective tune full of heartache and self-loathing. The pain in the lyrics seems mostly internal and the minimalistic and soft instrumental track that accompanies Sofi Gev allows for a lot of the vulnerability in her vocal performance to shine in a way that really compliments “Bloom”. Check out the official audio and links to Spotify below!


Artist quote

“Bloom grew out of feeling foggy, unfocused and depressed. I felt a sense of shame that I wasn’t doing enough with my life and that bad habits were holding me back. If I didn’t make a change and harness some self-control and aim at something worthwhile, I would resign myself to a bleak future. People who loved me had confidence that I could do it, but they weren’t in the fog. They didn’t feel the hopelessness I felt, mired in my own shortcomings. Bloom is about looking inward and giving myself permission for a second chance, imagining a fresh start where I could find the inner courage to believe that not only could I thrive but that I deserved to.”

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