SODAPOP “Skate to San Francisco”

SODAPOP “Skate to San Francisco” is a groovy track that combines lo-fi and commercial production elements to create a very easy and romantic listening experience while also maintaining a sort of edgy cool kid skater vibe. SODAPOP is a Santa Barbara based producer and you can really hear that cool California sound in their work. This song hits a little extra hard as most people are keeping their heads down and staying indoors. If you feel a bit of wanderlust you might consider checking out SODAPOP “Skate to San Francisco”!

Artist quote:

“I was broke, tired of living in LA, and looking to do something wildly spontaneous like skateboard to San Francisco. I didn’t end up doing that, but I did go travel the world for two years pursuing my passion for music. After returning home, I found myself broke as ever, and still seeking that spontaneity in life. I started this song before my trip and finished it afterwards, very much in the same headspace at both times. However, I do think that sort of global perspective I developed manifested itself in the music in various ways, most obviously in this song with the French speaking sample. Coincidentally the song will be jointly released with French label Kitsune Musique.”

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