Rachel Love “Primrose Hill”

“Primrose Hill” by Rachel Love is a nostalgic and dreamy indie pop track that is fitting with some 80s style. The soothing vocalist and ambient textures combined with lyrics such as “love something that we need more of” makes for this piece to really give a needed gentle nudge towards positivity. Rachel Love has a great performance and “Primrose Hill” is taken to new levels with her family collaborating on production and instrumentals as well as backing vocals. If you’re into cinematic indie check out “Primrose Hill” by Rachel Love below!


This is Rachel Love’s first solo single form her album of the same name to be released in June 2021. Rachel was the guitarist and singer in the 70’s/80’s band Dolly Mixture. Dolly Mixture were signed to Paul Weller’s label Respond but never got to release an album. Their demo tape compilation albums still sell out worldwide. The single was co-produced by her partner Steve Lovell who produced amongst others Blur, Julian Cope, James, Holly Johnson and Morten Harket and also features her musician son David on backing vocals. ‘Primrose Hill’ is the one of two first releases on CowChow Records formed and run by musicians.

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