The Grasping Straws “Help”

“Help” by The Grasping Straws is an anxious and psychedelic piece of chaos that features thrashing drums and intense performances. A real tight punk track that showcases how the band moves as a unit between sections to really drive home melodic points in the song. A personal favorite is when the guitar slides down from the doubling the E-string for a couple beats before descending down the rest of the scale while leaving the top E-string to resonate as the drummer switches to the toms. Good work and keep it up, check out “Help” by The Grasping Straws below.


More about The Grasping Straws and Erica Schreiner

Psychedelic art rock band The Grasping Straws has been consistently performing in and around New York City since 2012. The band’s founder, Mallory, has since gone on to tour Europe, Canada, and the US with an array of musicians and collaborators to support the release of the band’s debut album. 

“Frontwoman Mallory Feuer blends an otherworldly, raw, bluesy edge with the fearlessness of pre-meltdown Courtney Love, both vocally and guitar wise, instantly putting this group on the map as one of New York’s most distinctive, individualistic, exciting new bands.” (New York Music Daily)

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