Limón Limón “Northern California”

“Northern California” by Limón Limón is a whimsical indie rock track that chills at a moderate dynamic with pulsing rhythm section and ambient layers to hook the listener. The lyrics are introspective and contain a high pedigree of lyricism. “Northern California” by Limón Limón is a road trip through the states with your friends saying goodbye to old times and welcoming new ones. Check out “Northern California” by Limón Limón for your dreamy indie heartache dosage on a Monday.

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Hey guys! We’re really excited about our next song— “Northern California” which comes out TOMORROW 😎😎 This one feels really special to us and we are so happy with how this one came out. It’s funny because the song came together so fast and so organically. It all started with me playing a bassline that I thought was way too 90s and ‘grunge’ and Rand immediately was like “NO NO NO THIS IS SICK I’M RECORDING THAT RIGHT NOW!” Next came the guitar which was all the original first take stuff that just felt right. Even when we tried to re-record later, we still went with the original guitars. And the cherry on top is that we got all this while testing our new audio interface with zero intention of writing anything! From a songwriting standpoint, Rand came up with the words “Northern California & Paranoia”, which at the time seemed incredibly random, but we all really liked it for some reason. From there Rand, Becca and I just had a flurry of ideas and before we knew it, we had this amazing song concept that centered around returning to a place where you have a lot of history and dealing with the emotional baggage, anxiety and the intense feelings that come with physically being there. To me personally, I connect so much with this song because as some of you know, I grew up in Northern California (Sonoma, CA to be precise) and a lot of the song was crafted and centered around my own personal experiences living and experiencing life in Northern California. I think anyone who has spent time there knows that it’s a place that’s magical, mysterious and full of depth. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! -Jason

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