ARIA “To The Face”

If you’re looking for your next hype-up track, check out “To The Face” by ARIA. With a tune that builds into an immersive beat, you’ll find yourself getting lost in this newest release from ARIA. The vocals give off a new age feel, comparable to hit club tracks like The Chainsmokers or Drake. If you vibe with the rhythmic, late night and laid back feel, but still appreciate some upbeat, dance inducing undertones, then you’ll be playing “To The Face” on repeat. Be sure to check out this song, as well as other releases from ARIA, via the links below.


‘To the Face’ tells the story of ignorance, avoiding responsibility and self indulgence. On the heels of Bleu Chanel (Na-No Remix) which amassed 25+ million streams across DSPs & feature on Spotify Dance Rising, ‘To the Face’ is a collab between ARIA & Lady Ocean; Co-prod & mix by Grammy winner & Secret Genius, DJ Swivel.

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