The 85 Dreams “Just Another Day”

Rad interpretive dancing through the jungle is the accompanying music video to “Just Another Day” by The 85 Dreams. “Just Another Day” is a slightly melancholic and reflective tune that is charming and whimsical and will lull the listener into a trance like state with it’s calming vocals and relaxing instrumentals. If you need a chill one for the end of the long week you’re in luck with “Just Another Day” by The 85 Dreams.


The 85 Dreams is the music of Korey Jones from Philadelphia.  With nods to post-rock and soul, the project sets out for the cinematic journey within.  It’s an ebb and flow through love, despair and clues left behind by dead loved ones and sages.  The world of 85 is about finding the entry points to oneness, treasures beneath the horror and making friends with fear.  After touring and releasing music since the early 2000’s, Jones started the new group in 2019 when recording began with close friend and producer Enoch Porch in Brooklyn, New York. So it goes.

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