Wax Owls “Set it Free”

Immediately reminded me of some of Bronze Radio Returns bigger songs with high levels of sync ability “Set it Free” by Wax Owls is the best way to start your week I guarantee it. Featuring easy to memorize melodies that don’t have lyrics making them that more accessible. The introspective and uplifting lyrics really gives “Set it Free” the wings it needs. Loving me some Wax Owls today and looking forward to hearing more from them!


“Set it Free” is the debut single from LA alt/indie-folk trio Wax Owls.

Vocalist Gerry Hirschfeld says on the track, “I wrote the first draft of this song while in the process of moving from Chicago back to Los Angeles, my hometown. I was feeling nostalgic for the time I spent there, but was very ready to move back to the west coast since my depression hit a peak (or low point depending on how you look at it) while in Chicago. Once back in LA, a filmmaker friend, Jenny Lester, reached out saying that she needed a song for a key scene in her movie where the main character makes a difficult decision to move back to New York and to testify in court against her abuser. Jenny agreed that the nostalgic yet hopeful feel of ‘Set It Free’ fit the scene nicely, so I quickly recorded the song the very next weekend.”

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