Deer Pilot “No Cause For Concern”


A dreamy indie folk tune that borders on cinematic and psychedelic “No Cause For Concern” by Deer Pilot is a true work of art. What “No Cause For Concern” lacks in commercial viability it makes up for in the truest sense of pure artistry featuring a not often used instrumental arrangement to accompany what could’ve otherwise been a singer-songwriter piece. If you’re looking for something whimsical and transportive look no farther than Deer Pilot “No Cause For Concern”.


Steeped in the Alternative Rock music of the 1990s, Deer Pilot is a Los Angeles based artist focused on being as authentic and human as possible. What you hear on a Deer Pilot record is the same as what you hear when you come see Deer Pilot live. No frills, no tricks, just Deer Pilot.

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