Cadeaux “Bad”

A familiar production “Bad” by Cadeaux is a groovy indie pop tune that features some slightly off center instrumentation choices such as a harpsichord sounding synthesizer. If you’re sick of your typical indie pop playlist and are looking for something a bit more groovy and new you’ll definitely be into “Bad” by Cadeuax. It reminds me of something you’d hear at a groovy club in Silver Lake or North Hollywood. Check it out below and find the artist biography below the stream!


CADEAUX is the new collaborative indie-pop project from L.A. natives Briana Lane and Darian Zahedi. Lane is half of female indie duo Winslow and Zahedi is in CRX, Nick Valensi’s (The Strokes) solo project since 2015. The name CADEAUX comes from the French word for “gifts” and was the original last name of Lane’s great grandfather. Their first single Bad is about someone’s desire to push themselves past what’s comfortable and out into the unknown. Mixed by production veteran Shane Stoneback (Vampire Weekend, Rostam, Cults). Bad premieres September 17th.

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