SODAPOP “When I’m With You”

SODAPOP brands themselves perfectly with their bubbly uplifting romantic track “When I’m With You”. This song reminds me of my partner and I believe it’s universal in its approach. The Santa Barbara based producer is clearly out to have a good time with everything from their songwriting to their artist biography you can find below. Check SODAPOP out now!

super funny artist bio;

“wow he is rly good best music we’ve heard” -ny times

“we agree” -pitchfork, rollin stone, etc

“chill tracks bro” -friend brad

“thanks brad” -me

Hi I’m SODAPOP. I live in Santa Barbara, CA and I make upbeat indie/bedroom pop. I spent the last two years trying to simultaneously travel the world, save money, and write a ton of songs. Now I’m left with a filled up passport and roughly -$14 in my bank account. But alas the tunes are ready.


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