“Nobody Loves You” Similar Kind

“Nobody Loves You” by Similar Kind is a bit of a throwback production to the eighties but the lyrics are intensely emotional to the point where if you’re going through even the slightest turbulence this will bring you to tears. Congratulations too Similar Kind for recently having put out a huge sounding groovy tune that is both romantic and melancholic. I think the melancholy comes from the nostalgia generated by the production choices and the romance comes from the uplifting groove and lyric. Looking forward to hearing more by Similar Kind!



Similar Kind is an indie alternative/pop band from Norwalk, CT. It originated as just a few friends jamming in a garage and has blossomed into a five piece band playing shows all over the northeast. Similar Kind has played with acts such as Sunflower Bean, Bad Bad Hats, Charly Bliss, & more. The band is currently working on a follow up EP to their debut “Faces & Places” a project chock-full of indie pop, reminiscent of The Cure and Talking Heads, described as “dance-ready synth-pop. equal parts R&B, pop, and indie rock, the EP is a highly-polished, thoroughly-confident release”.

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