Glom “Matches”

“Matches” by Glom ends as an expansive production that builds on a ripping guitar solo. Similar to tracks such as “World Class Poetry” from their debut, Glom is back and creating just as awesome sludgy yet chill guitar rock as ever. The lackadaisical production plays perfectly into the times and I’m imagining lonely days on empty Brooklyn streets with this on in the background. Glom has always had an end of the world sort of vibe to them, I’d imagine they’d be great in the festival scene. Check out “Matches” below.

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A six-piece band of multi-instrumentalists, Glom is a classic alt-rock inspired, fuzzy alt-rock act formed in Brooklyn, New York. The group started when childhood friends Sean Dunnevant, Peter Beiser, Sahil Ansari, and Jonathan Harwood got together in high school to play Beatles and Strokes covers. Now also including Jordan Wolff and Jonathan Crandall, Glom is gearing up to release their sophomore record, Merit. What you hear is a completely actualized, expertly produced, and incredibly warm collection of songs.

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