The Kerosene Hours “Dance For Money”

It’s a desert drive in the latest hours of the night before the sun comes up with another hit “Dance For Money” by the Kerosene Hours. We all want to be the center of attention and receive praise at least some of the time and while youth fades it seems sometimes harder to grab onto these positive moments. This feeling is perfectly illustrated in the slow lament of “Dance For Money” by the Kerosene Hours. While the Kerosene Hours has this enchanting way of seeming to always sound like an 80s horror movie the lyrical content is deeply routed in human psychology. Meanwhile the vocalist timbre really brings the desperate emotion of the lyrics to life. If you’re into something a little left of center but that holds plenty of merit you should definitely check out “Dance For Money” by the Kerosene Hours.


You were once exciting, unpredictable, alluring, sexy, and someone’s fantasy. Watching that version of yourself fade into nothingness is a slow death in a stuffy house. Dance For Money is a cry against domesticity, a wail against losing what makes you dangerous, and an honest desire to earn a little cash doing it.

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