Antonio Lepore “Black Grapes”

A spiritual song for trying times is “Black Grapes” by Antonio Lepore. “Black Grapes” was written after feeling a close connection with angels and the afterlife. Through introspective and philosophical lyrics and a washed out contemporary production we can understand this. Though only the second release by Antonio Lepore the talent is clear and we can only hope to hear more from the U.K. based songwriter.


I started playing music at the age of 6 learning piano for five years at the Conservatory in Tuscany. From the age of 14 to 26 I played with various band in the capacity of lead vocal and rhythm guitar.

The most notable achievement for me was the band called ANTIMA where we reached local popularity playing gigs all over Italy.

I’ve been playing as solo artist for three years now in various venues throughout London with some gigs in Italy. I mostly write my own music of which I play at my gigs. My main passion is writing and making music as composer, although I am still open to collaboration with other musicians.

At the moment beside this I also have two bands called Jesus John & Whitney and Calamari For Lunch

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