Jordan Prince “The Crooked Rail”

“The Crooked Rail” a dreamy and familiar indie tune that is gentle but full of positivity. “The Crooked Rail” contains a female accompanying part that really gives the vocal production the wings it needs to stay fresh for the duration. For fans of acts like Real Estate, you’ll really love “The Crooked Rail”. Stream the Spotify link below!


The music of Jordan Prince derives from many influences. Born in Mississippi, educated in New Orleans, and now currently based in Germany, the sound of Jordan Prince cannot be simply boxed into one genre or style. His roots are in traditional Folk, and as a Singer-Songwriter he enjoys telling stories through his music that people can connect to. The themes of his music are as diverse as his styles, whether they are about heartbreak, experiences, imaginary friends, or death itself, there is commonly more than one meaning behind his words.

Jordan’s last album, 12 Songs for 12 Friends (2018), was an ode to the people who changed his life, and each song was uniquely designed for each friend. Although some songs leaned into experimental rock, and others were produced purely with acoustic guitar, piano, and cello, the songs worked together as a single piece.

Now, Jordan’s new album, Simple Swimmer, takes yet another new direction, focusing on diverse textures and the element of surprise to help emphasize the darker sides of his personality. Don’t let the addictive pop-melody of songs like “The Crooked Rail” fool you, under the mask of his new festival-ready indie rock, comes stories for the lonely liars who can’t quite let go of their ghosts.

There’s a new Prince in town, for the new fans and the old.

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