Kadeema “What Are We Not Saying Now?”

Kadeemas newest track “What Are We Not Saying Now?” is an impressive pop production that features a familiar instrumentation and a powerful vocal performance that remains conversational during the choruses. The lyrics are introspective and this being the third single from Kadeema seems like this is all adding up to bigger things for the Ontario based duo. Check out “What Are We Not Saying Now?” below!

more info;

Southern Ontario’s Kadeema are charting a new path with their debut eight-song EP, Napoleon Tornapart. Songwriters Jimmy Chauveau (vocals) and Tal Vaisman (guitar/vocals) began collaborating together in their former band, Ascot Royals, choosing to continue their creative partnership in the wake of the group’s dissolution. Taking their name from Vaisman’s hometown, which translates to ‘forward’ in Hebrew, the duo embraced its meaning.

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