Simen Mitlid “Birds”

If you’re in the mood for a song that contains tenderly fingered guitars and an intimate vocal production you’ll definitely be into Simen Mitlid “Birds”. The story contains a high pedigree of lyricism involving while also remaining universal in message. If your ear drums are in the need for some tender love and care you’ll love “Birds” by Simen Mitlid below!


Hailing from the lush woods of Os, Norway, singer-songwriter Simen Mitlid crafts lush, Nordic indie-folk a la contemporaries like Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes and Patrick Watson. Since the critical acclaimed 2017 debut album “Everything Is the Same”, Mitlid have been working on his second full length release. Self-produced and recorded in vivid locales in his hometown, the album is playful and nostalgic.

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