Malin Pettersen “Hometown”

If you’ve wondered what a country artist from Norway sounds like you’ll sure discover this in Malin Pettersens track “Hometown”. My goodness it is gorgeous and so well produced. This song reminds me of drinking at 2pm in Nashville on a hot summer day out past Omni Studios and the ASCAP and other music corporate offices. This song reminds me of falling in love with a small town vibe and it’s a tried and true country mantra. Check out Malin Pettersens “Hometown” if you’re looking to fall in love with a new song today. As you can tell by the album artwork there is an eleven song LP on the way!


“The song isn’t necessarily about a specific hometown, but more the idea of a place (mentally or physically) where you get stuck in your ways and forget what is really important to you. Also, getting caught up in what other people might think of you, your music, your choices, etc. can be hard sometimes. This song works as a reminder to myself of what and who I really want to be. Somebody making her own choices. It’s definitely a “I hope there are others out there who might identify with this and that I’m not the only one” kind of song. I’m happy to say I meet a lot of those people when I’m out playing. I love having a safe place to call home, but a “hometown” is only worth its weight if it acts as safe place for growing goals and ideas, or if it’s so settled in its ways it catapults you into seeking new grounds and breaking boundaries.”

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