Violetear “Head Over Heels”

“Head Over Heels” by Violetear drew me in because of the fun falsetto vocals and cool ambiance of the jazzy instrumental track. Though I would call this track indie rock there isn’t a lot of rock influence in the track. The dominant chord harmony and vocal performance that could be described as a combination of Anthony Keidis (RHCP) and Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) is smooth and enjoyable. If you’re just looking to chill and rest your head I think “Head Over Heels” by Violetear is a good way to kick the day off.


Described as ‘like The Beatles with something weird mixed in’, ViOLETEAR are sure to prove a big hit among the casual listener and the seasoned music-aficionado alike, with a sonic experience like no other.

Driven by Italian brothers Matteo and Marco, on guitar and drums respectively, and completed by Liverpool bassist Jasmin, the band combines the best elements of 60’s pop, 70’s progressive rock, and modern indie – with some jazz and alternative rock thrown in for good measure.

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