The Carbons “Superheroes”

“Superheroes” by The Carbons is a dreamy and inspired track that draws heavily from contemporary albums from artists like Kings of Leon or Foo Fighters. It’s got hints of nostalgia from the album artwork to the emotional performances by the band. My only critique is the vocalists pronunciation is a little hard to understand at times but that’s never stopped me from enjoying a good straightforward rock track. The timing just seems right with a song called “Superheroes” given the current global pandemic. You can listen to the track and find an artist quote about why they chose now to release “Superheroes”. I’m loving the bass guitars melodic motif, very stuck in my head! Listen now!


Everyone has the potential for greatness. Superheroes was written in 2018 to inspire people to overcome the fears that hold them back. It was finally ready to be released this March. Then covid happened and we paused everything just like everyone else. After a couple weeks however, millions of people literally turned into superheroes by staying home, helping the elderly, making n95 masks from their homes, etc. It’s obvious now, this song belongs to these heroes and to all those waiting to be inspired.

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