Jonny Gold “How Do You Like Me Now”

“How Do You Like Me Now” is a brand new track by Jonny Gold which features crooning vocals and both folk and country influence. Overall the vibe is uplifting and positive but the lyrics tell a story of defiance and self-empowerment. The instrumentation is familiar but the layering helps the simple melodies and emotion shine. It’s a song for wanderlust and road trips with the perfect amount of nostalgia mixed in. Check out “How Do You Like Me Now” by Jonny Gold below!c



My new single, How Do You Like Me Now (out 3.30.20, and will premiere with a music video), is the first single off my upcoming record “The Fever”. The song is an exploration of transition. Growing up poor and queer in a hyper-conservative community, I hid myself and destroyed any desire to have an identity. Self-expression and authenticity were sacrificed just to keep the peace with the dogmatic way of life that was being thrust upon me. This song isn’t just  about the weight of that repression, but also about the journey to shed the weight, and become a truer, happier, more serene version of myself.  

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