Bobby John “If I Were You”

A brooding and crooning angelic vocal performance from Bobby John captures the listener instantly on his newest song “If I Were You”. The lyrics are introspective and the self harm that goes along with it, the hook “If I were you I’d leave me” is timeless if not heartless. The album artwork really captures the vibe and the bluesy vibes are so enjoyable. Definitely check out “If I Were You” if you’re going through some heartbreak.

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The song is about an absolute train wreck of a guy who warns the one he’s with that he’s a mess. There may be love but there’s also a good chance that he’ll bring her down with him. Might be best if she walks away.

Wrote and recorded this song in an afternoon with, at the time, 2 strangers (Sally Folk and Anique Granger) as part of a songwriting camp our publishers threw us into. We introduced ourselves and started playing (and hitting) whatever we could get our hands on in a small studio room in Montreal. Chatted about break ups and molded a story around some of our real life relationship crashes. Production was as organic as you could get. Percussion includes my 2 co-writers stomping in a booth, us hitting beer bottles with pens, and physically hitting random parts of an old out of tune upright apartment style piano. Anique found a harmonica in her guitar case so we had no choice but to include a harmonica solo.

Had too much fun on this one. Had to put it out đŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy!

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