The Hildys “Water Won’t Flow”

A classic rock influenced indie rock tune what first drew me in to “Water Won’t Flow” was the duet leads and occasionally tense chord in the harmony. It’s high energy rock and carries a youthful angst that is charming while also maintaining the edge it needs. The Hildys seem like they’d put on a very engaging live show so if you’re around Denton, TX give them a like on their social media (attached below) see if you can’t catch a show. If you can’t be in Texas then check out The Hildys “Water Won’t Flow” below!

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This song builds steadily from a soft, dreamy chord progression into a monstrous, soulful, grungy jam with huge guitars, multiple harmonies, and simultaneous guitar solos. It’s lyrics reflect this pattern, with verses that focus on softer lyrical expression and obscure fragments of thoughts, emotions, and desires. This builds into the choruses, which depict a funeral procession well suited to the descending chord progression driving the melody.

Indie rock band from Denton, TX. Topics of our songs include Ronald Reagan, 1940’s film star Greer Garson, and the generic stuff like personal struggles and turmoil.

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