Mini Trees “Slip Away”

Groovy indie rock vibes with Mini Trees “Slip Away”. Reminiscent of artists like Aaron Taos, Toledo, JW Francis or Yacht Club this fits right in on Hot Lunch. The dreamy female lead with some electronic punchy drums that have a live feel to them is the perfect escapism we’re after today. While the piece isn’t necessarily risky there are moments of musical interest with the chromatic runs and plenty of little hooks peppered throughout “Slip Away”. Maybe taking some lyrical influence from artist like Soccer Mommy, “Slip Away” seems like a song I’d like to live in. Check out “Slip Away” by Mini Trees below for your new favorite dreamy indie song.


Slip Away, the title and opening track to my forthcoming EP, is an internal dialogue about struggling with self-acceptance, and how, despite my best efforts to fill my life with distractions to avoid facing myself, the inevitable and unsettling feeling of self-loathing always finds its way back to the surface.

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