New music Thursday!

MP Grey “A Fire Burns In My Heart (feat. Rudiger)”Facebook / Instagram

A chill end to your day that is reminiscent of the Tarzan soundtrack with its uplifting romantic touch and its whimsical horn section. The rasp to Rudigers timbre is something to be admired and the arrangement and composition of German producer MP Grey is transportive. If you’re anticipation of date night or going out in search of love I suggest this heartfelt track “A Fire Burns In My Heart”.


THE CARBONS “Sleep”Facebook / Instagram

A four on the floor driving pace coupled with an introspective set of lyrics in a melancholic harmony creates a lovely tune titled “Sleep” by THE CARBONS. “Sleep” builds in a crescendo before the singer questions why can’t they sleep and all of a sudden the floor has fallen out beneath as the crescendo drops to a mezzo forte level. It’s a lovely tune for someone about to head into the weekend who’s also maybe in a need of sleep from an exhausting work week. For fans of Band of Horses or Kings of Leon.

Ben Williams “We Shall Overcome”

The timing is perfect with Martin Luther King Jr. day having just passed and black history month on the way. This is a dreamy and ambient soundscape meets R&B vocalist tune. It’s got a touch of indie which is what initially drew me in with how softly its is performed within the confines of a diatonic key. Check it out for a daydream of a tune.

Might Oaks “Tell Me What You’re Thinking”

It’s a more straightforward pop tune with the way the lyrics tell a tale of heartache and the dynamics rise and fall softly with the layer vocals and minimalistic rhythm choices. If you’re into something more down the middle mainstream but also into finding something new and wonderful I highly suggest Might Oaks “Tell Me What You’re Thinking”.


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