Arson Daily “Signs”

Its punchy and compressed, it’s raw emotion, it’s everything you want in a rock band going into the new decade. Arson Daily brings the jams with “Signs” and while this is a very solid production there are hints of room for growth in the vocal production. Arson Daily seems like a band worth following as they grow and mature. Something music producer veteran Greg Nori would do hella well with. Arson Daily has a debut Late Reflections on the way but the release date hasn’t been announced. Find their socials below to follow them and find out when that’ll be dropping, for now peep “Signs” below!

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Arson Daily. It’s more than an on-the-nose sup nod to the pot smokers of the world. It’s the product of over 4 years of basements, bars, van transit, and general disillusionment.

The latter being the most apparent, their latest music shows the long-time roommates are actively seeking out maturity. It carries you through the satisfaction of accomplishment while wrestling with the hesitance and nostalgia that inherently accompanies change. They’ve gained a sound somewhere between summer and autumn as the bridges and melodies color resonant lyrics in an upbeat fashion.

To those who’ve been following since 2014, these themes will harbor interest with the context of noise complaints and soon-to-be-failed hearing tests in Boone, NC before the friends relocated to Raleigh. Daily has ditched  look and taken a leap forwards with the vulnerability of their content. This release has everything to do with accepting individuality, its inherent susceptibility to rejection, and the unabashed courage to do it anyway.

The last three years they’ve been consistently booking venues and on the road (multiplied by the 2018 addition of The Funky Duck, a 2001 Chevy Astro Van). Their repertoire ranges from playing events like Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Festival, Savannah Stopover, and Hopscotch Music Festival, and also alongside the names of Shakey Graves, Illiterate Light, Briston Maroney, and Mo Lowda and the Humble, who’s members recorded and produced their newest album Late Reflections set to be released in 2020.

So altogether, what do we have? Zach Dunham (guitar&vox), Adam McLean (drums), and Quincy Platt (bass) have succeeded in conquering adolescence, and they’re doing it on purpose. Brandishing a more polished product alongside the same dead-sprint performance cultured in Blue Ridge basements, the group has evolved into a must-see attraction of the North Carolina music scene.  They’ve adopted a ground-up songwriting style, and left themselves room for more yet to come. In short, you could say Arson Daily is gunning for the 9 o’clock timeslot.

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