“Out Loud” Boy Bjorn

If you’re in the mood for a track that will lull you into a daydream then you might try giving “Out Loud” by Boy Bjorn a spin. It’s a reflective and enjoyable reverb drenched piece of music. For fans of Still Woozy and anything dreamy lo-fi beats.

The vocal is doubled in a very fitting way and bits and pieces are introduced and removed in a way that might go unnoticed but are wildly important to the composition.

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For Brian Holl, it was the time for necessary metamorphosis. A Midwestern heart set in motion from a single panic attack. Things became just a little more understandable after the fog of anxiety lifted, even with the world remaining the same. For the better part of his early 20s, he struggled with what might be a familiar story for any artist at his age. Self-doubt, estimations, measuring up, counting trophies. The mud that covered his fingers couldn’t be wiped clean without a period of rain.

Half of Foreign Fields, this is Boy Bjorn’s first solo effort. It’s a true bedroom album from front to back, reconstructing the pieces left over from the settling. At times the music is bewildering and washy, multiple drum samples stacked on top of synth layers all fighting to break through the winner. In others, intricate and solemn, the song and lyrics are his eyes and ears experiencing wisdom for the first time.


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