Pray for Sleep “You Can’t Make Me”

If you’re looking for something to get amped up for watching Football Sunday then you might want to give Pray for Sleep “You Can’t Make Me” a spin. It’s intense and angry and full of angst. Don’t label this band and don’t make them do anything they don’t want to, something is wrong and they are going to fix it but it seems like it might get violent. Pray for Sleep also reminds me of bands I saw play Warped Tour two summers ago in Ventura county so they might hate me for saying they fit in with Football Sunday but the point is it is high energy and angry and I dig it, check out “You Can’t Make Me” below!

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Formed in high school after finding members on Instagram. Won spot on Rock on the Range 2018; skip high school graduation to play Rock on the Range 2018 show. Pioneered Mental and Behavioral Health message based on personal experiences and fan interactions. Created Scream Back program for outreach to youth struggling. High energy show with positive message. Have played over 30 shows in one year, locally and regionally; Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pennsylvania. Pending 10 song album release in 2019.

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