Little Dume “As Always”

The Little Dume vocalist has an incredibly indie pop timbre that will draw you in to “As Always” while the textures build. “As Always” goes on a journey through many pieces such as the layering of instruments but also through the feeling portrayed in the lyrics. Overall “As Always” is a joyous reminder to live in the moment and be alive in the here and now. I really enjoyed “As Always” and I think you will too, check it out below!

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Artist Bio:

Little Dume is literally a band of brothers. They are a four-piece group comprised of long-time friends and brothers from Malibu, CA, who have been performing together since age 16. For them, family comes first, and that is heard in their music. Little Dume has sold every show in Los Angeles including multiple performances at The Peppermint Club, No Name, and Malibu Inn, they have over 2 million streams on all platforms, and have had syncs on NBC, Disney, Amazon, and Fox which has organically supercharged their promotion.

Members include James Burnett, guitarist, who wrote “Settle” for Jordan Smith’s #1 selling album on iTunes, David Sandborg, lead vocalist, top songwriter for Universal Music Publishing Group and has written major hits for Kygo, Rome, and SocialClub Misfit’s Dove award winning song, “War Cry”.David’s brother Dane Sandborg, bass, who toured with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Awolnation, and Wesley Ritenour, drums, who toured the world with Lee Ritenour in some of the most notable venues from The Hollywood Bowl to the Blue Note in Tokyo.

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