Bryce Bangs “I Want All Your Love”

Groovy classic rock sounds get you amped up for football Sunday with “I Want All Your Love” by Bryce Bangs. Cupid is wearing a cool hat in the album artwork and it really sounds like he’s pumped for you to fall in love. “I Want All Your Love” by Bryce Bangs is a sexy banger of a tune, whether Bangs is his actual last name or just an accurate representation of writing style I’m not sure. Check it out below!

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Bangs started his music career in 2012 knowing he had what it takes to go to the top. His cigarette laden voice, mean guitar riffs, and “one hour to live” performances are the triple threat needed to soar with the stars. Like anyone who wants to make music their life’s work, they know it takes hard work, long nights, sacrifice, and no promises of the big time. Bangs has had plenty of chances to quit, but he doesn’t seem to have that word in his vocabulary, and he knows that his songs and his voice should be heard.

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