FRND CRCL “Famous”

“Famous” by FRND CRCL pop punk that fits in with the early 2000s emo pop phase and would fit on Warped Tour with the breakdown verses that have some hip-hop influence. The lyrics are well crafted and the melodies are infectious and there is a pretty epic guitar solo during the bridge. It’s a combination of everything pop-punk or Eve 6 mixed with a cynicism for the way the world works right now. I dig it and it really has a good perspective that is defend pop-punk to the end. Stream it below as well as find socials and artist biography.


Artist bio:

FRND CRCL does its best not to forget about the pop in pop punk. Echoing the sounds from the early 2000s hay day of the infamous genre, the group of underdogs have made a name for themselves in the South Jersey music scene. While constantly challenging and modernizing their sound, FC has made their presence known within the Philadelphia and the Tri-State area while showing no signs of slowing down.

Forming as a 4 piece in 2018, Aaron Smith (Drums) and Dom Giacalone (Lead Guitar) along with dual vocalists Zac Johnson (Guitar) and Adam Skirvin (Bass) combine their unique musical backgrounds to create a fresh take on the genre.

Having played alongside bands such as 311, and Boys of Fall, as well as been produced by Man Overboard’s Nik Bruzzese, FRND CRCL is taking their experience and know-how into their own hands and self producing their sophomore album, debuting in 2020.

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