The Kerosene Hours “Hang On”

Less dark then past The Kerosene Hours pieces we’ve covered, “Hang On” to me is the end of the kerosene hours when the sun is coming up and you’re staring out into the vast nothingness and reflecting on your last night. It’s a dreamy vibe that I can associate with walking around Los Angeles or even the fringes of Las Vegas where my grandparents live and the endless desert climate. “Hang On” really makes me feel like everything is going to be okay despite how screwed up things can get. The Kerosene Hours continue to expand their niche and while it might never be top 40 it is a true and honest brand that I think more people can relate to. Stream it below!



Your earliest memories aren’t always about your parents. The love that hurts the most isn’t always romantic. Have you ever felt the hurt that comes form your brother or sister destroying themselves? Have you ever watched them fall to pieces before your eyes? Have they ever asked you to “Hang on… while they lose it for a little while” promising to get their shit together again one day? Yeah… me neither. This song is about that.

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