Pikes “Honey Wasp”

With a tinge of 80s nostalgia this heartfelt tune features a vocalist with a bit of Michael Jackson and a bit of Passion Pit in their vocal performance. “Honey Wasp” by Pikes is the outfit of Swedish producer and songwriter Christoffer Ling and it’s an enchanting track to say the least. Personally not knowing what a honey wasp is, but can imagine that it is a rephrasing of queen bee, makes the lyrics more ambiguous and allows me to fill in some of the lines I don’t understand with what I want to hear. It’s an indie pop aesthetic and it definitely brings a nice combination of familiar compositional styles to the table. Check it out below and find Pikes Spotify catalog.

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The artist, songwriter and producer Christoffer Ling has for a almost a year now released music under the alias of Pikes.

The idea began as a way of departing from an existence that was defined by rules and norms. The music is a mixture of synthesizers from the 80s, sampled / organic drums and large orchestral soundscapes that come together in a sound that borders between pop and movie score. Pikes is influenced by artists such as Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa and Kate Bush.

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