Violet Bell “Honey In My Heart”

Like the start of an epic tale with a country swagger is “Honey In My Heart” by Violent Bell. It is sweet and tender and makes me regret leaving my lovers bed to head to my day job in the city this morning. Violent Bell “Honey In My Heart” is magical and organic and belongs deep in the hearts of those who would rather be deep in the mountains in a tiny home or bus home. Definitely add this to your road trip playlist if you’re going out of town with a lover. The bridge brings tension and wonder into what was already an enchanting tune. Big fan of this and so should you be too. “Honey In My Heart” by Violet Bell.

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Durham, NC-based progressive folk duo Violet Bell — Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez—formed in 2016, the duo have performed over 300 shows resulting in a strong onstage chemistry that is “fiery, intimate and intuitive” (Pine Cone Radio). They released their debut EP, Dream the Wheel, in 2017.

Recorded at Fidelitorium in Kernersville, NC, Honey In My Heart was co-produced with Jason Richmond (Avett Brothers, Steep Canyon Rangers, Don Flemons, Bombadil) and cut live in single takes, without vocal tuning, isolation or click tracks. Featuring 11 original compositions, the album explores all the emotions comprising the worthwhile chaos of the human experience.

From “Summer Skin,” a playful poke at bro-country and a reminder to wear sunscreen, to “Howl,” which brings focus to modern motherhood to “Swimming Towards Sharks” that takes rape culture by the horns, the album’s “a mashup of classical, soul, bluegrass, jazz, old-time and blues that floats effortlessly” (Greensboro News & Record).

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