Stevie Zita “The Bat Signal”

Dreamy and hazy this low key track “The Bat Signal” will pull you with it into a daydream. Maybe nostalgic for Saturday morning cartoons or maybe on a couch still watching them. The love song lyrics are a nice accompaniment but presented in the way they are mumbled makes it a little hard to understand and honestly it seems like a good thing because it allows the listener to get lost. “The Bat Signal” is the latest release from Stevie Zita, you can stream it below and find links to follow and learn more about the artist.

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Artist Biography

Stevie Zita is an Italian-Canadian singer songwriter who comes from different genres and past acts. From playing gospel at a young age to attempting to DJ in a brief stint in college. With an eclectic taste, Stevie explores different genres and maintains a “make whatever in the moment” philosophy. Starting with something small in his bedroom, to vining out into full songs. A lot more music will be coming from this bedroom pop artist.

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