The Disappointed “We Don’t Dream”

Dark and dramatic “We Don’t Dream” by The Disappointed sounds like a track you’d hear on Sirius XM Alt Nation. It’s intense energy of “We Don’t Dream” makes it a fun listener that will evoke a sense of rebellion in any listener. Dynamically the song rises and falls and the instrumentation features a familiar rock sound but the tone choices and amount of reverb used is very particular and poignant sonically. If you’re into headbanging your way through hump day check out “We Don’t Dream” below, out today!!!


Artist Biography:

Alt Rock Poppers The Disappointed… It’s been two and a half years of solid work for the Perth five piece, culminating in a double nomination for WAM Song of the Year in 2015 (including current single Weird Peace). Two critically acclaimed EPs, Weird Peace (“Seriously folks, they don’t make pop music like this anymore” – Power of Pop, Singapore) and 2013’s debut Stranger (“…stellar debut EP. These lads are onto gold” – The Music, EP of the Week). International performances, two national tours and a bucket-load of regional shows. Broad national community radio play, a bunch of Triple J spins (not just Home and Hosed) and WA commercial radio appearances. Signed to Perth’s home of indie pop Blue Grey Pink, and hitting the studio in 2015 for EP #3.

The Disappointed are five grown men with child hearts fighting their way through a packed market the only way they know how: Telling whatever musical truth they stumble on and working the business end from every angle. Dedicated to distilled honesty, un-apologetically flawed and human. Huge choruses, tight arrangements and heaps of little surprises. A loaded sound, harmonically rich, with guitars, keys and the harmonies of four great vocalists. Jagged and lush at the same moment. And it’s super fresh. Frontman Michael Strong is an accomplished songwriter*, but the band writes as a band. There’s always an undercurrent of tension and you can hear it – the sounds of real human interaction, the sounds of real chemistry.

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