Vandalye “Cigarettes & Minarets”

A 90s contemporary pop vibe and a downtrodden introspective set of lyrics make for an emotional listen to “Cigarettes & Minarets”. A desperate emotion is performed in the vocals as Scott Atew sings about searching from paradise from his window but it is dark outside. For being only a three piece Vandalye carriers a big sound that might come from having already performed on large stages opening for household name acts. You can check out “Cigarettes & Minarets” as well as learn more about the group below!

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Founded by Thomas McCone, Lucas McCone & Scott Attew, Vandalye is an alternative folk rock band based out of Dubai, U.A.E.

The members come from varied backgrounds. Identical twins Lucas and Thomas began a professional tennis career at age 11, which they continued until their decision to drop the racket at the age 20 to pursue their passion for music. Lead vocalist, Scott spent his childhood and adolescence performing in theatre and music, which guided his decision to leave school at the age of 17 to chase a musical career.

The band met in September 2015 at a “Go Play The World” open mic event and began collaborating almost immediately. They released their first single “Don’t Lie to Me” in February 2016. This was subsequently followed by a five track debut EP entitled “From the Beginning”, which was launched in May of 2016. Their debut EP included the tracks: “A Different Kind Of Fix”, “Crystalline Woman”, “The 8th Reign”, “Mr Satellite Man” & “Carry Me Home”.

Over the next year, Vandalye had the privilege of performing their originals for a number of large international acts. In November of 2016, they opened for Lionel Richie in Du Arena at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, playing to a crowd of over 25,000 people.

The band then made the decision to move to Hamburg, Germany to record their debut album. They spent six months working in collaboration with their producer Stefan Knoess and are set to release the album in late 2018.

Following their return to Dubai, November of 2017 saw Vandalye opening for Elton John at the sold out Autism Rocks Arena. In early 2018, the band partnered up with Red Bull for a musical collaboration with Dubai artists Shébani and Rayan Bailouni, in which they were all sent to the Red Bull studios in Berlin to write and record two original singles: “How Do You Feel” & “RLY”.

Vandalye has most recently shared the stage with artists “Plan B” & “Stereophonics” at the Media City Amphitheatre.

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