Lucy Booth “Forest Fire”

Lights pads and arpeggios create a soft soundscape that makes the intro to “Forest Fire” ethereal. Joined by a percussion arrangement and layered vocal tracks “Forest Fire” develops into a fleshed out arrangement much in the same way a fire grows. Lyrically the track speaks towards climate change and those who are contributing most will hopefully be judged to the fullest extent possible. This song hits close to home for me as my older brother was part of the Greenpeace team in Houston who hung from the bridge in a publicity stunt to draw attention from the DNC. It is a huge problem that this generation is faced with and more people need to talk about it and solutions need to be found. Or else natural disasters such as forest fires will only increase and the world will become increasingly less habitable. A call to action, if you’re up in arms, stream “Forest Fire” by Lucy Booth below!

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“Lucy’s voice is magical. Her melodies dance beautifully over gorgeous arrangements that bring to life intimate stories with refreshing originality.” – Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Lucy Booth is an alternative-pop singer-songwriter from Yorkshire. Her musical career began to gain momentum in 2018, after she graduated from University and decided to fulfil her life-long ambition of becoming a solo artist. Her catchy, well-constructed songs combine enchanting melodies with a pure, warm voice, and her sound has an ethereal, dream-like quality. Lucy’s sweet vocal timbres resemble artists such as Gabrielle Aplin and Birdy, whilst the moody, melancholy atmosphere of her music is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish.

Lucy’s poetic and reflective lyrics come from the heart; she finds the resilience of humanity inspiring, and her songs explore some of the most challenging obstacles which people face on an everyday basis, from heartbreak and betrayal, to temptation and inequality.

Lucy is currently based in Leeds at performs regularly around the city. She is excited to showcase her live set this summer at her first music festival, Underneath the Stars, on 3rdAugust. Meanwhile ‘Butterfly’, the lead single of her debut EP, will be released on 17th May, shortly followed by the EP itself, ‘Melancholy Blue’, on 14th June.

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