Frank Hammersland “On the Radio”

Sweet and gentle indie folk songwriter Frank Hammersland makes his Hot Lunch Music debut with “On The Radio”. A set of enchantingly romantic lyrics accompanied by a major harmony and gentle choice of timbres for the instrumentation makes for a nostalgic sounding love song. Personally “On the Radio” hits me in the feels for the love I feel for my girlfriend Nichole. Currently at my cubicle on break and enjoying some relaxing time blogging about music . “On the Radio” makes me feel as though I’m in a slow motion cinema scene where we are at the fair.

If you’re looking for something dreamy in nature to whisk away to on a chill Thursday look no further than “On the Radio” by Frank Hammersland.


The Norwegian Grammy Award winner Frank Hammersland is a well known figure on the Norwegian pop-rock scene, known from popular bands such as Pogo Pops, Popium and Evig Din For Alltid. Pogo Pops had a huge following and did in many ways start the famous «Bergensbølgen» musical movement in the early 90s, which became well noticed abroad.

The music on Frank’s third soloalbum has taken shape through twelve years and in October 2019 it is finally time to take a listen to Atlantis – the first of his solo projects to be launched world wide.

Hammersland has often been compared to Paul McCartney for his vocal performance and bass playing, and he has a reputation as an excellent songwriter! Listening to Atlantis you will also get to know other of his big influences through a musical journey from Paris to Berlin via London to Bergen – sophisticated, soulful pop music, jazzy elements and reflections from a man in his prime. Along for the ride he has invited several of his talented colleagues as Christine Sandtorv, Marte Wulff and Thom Hell.

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