Sunset Jet “Scarlett”

Escape with the jangly indie tune “Scarlett” by Sunset Jet. The dreamy and slightly tense harmonic qualities of “Scarlett” are nostalgic for rainy days and coffeeshops to the beginning but take an unexpected twist when things really kick in. To me this is a closer of a set as the way it suddenly jumps to a high energy foot stomping booty shaking track. A highlight was the backing vocal arrangement that drifts around some heavy indie rock in a very Beach Boys kind of way. Just as quickly as it hit it has dissipated back into a subdued rainy day coffeeshop vibe. Check out “Scarlett” by Sunset Jet if you’re looking for a quick burst of energy now!

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Sunset Jet are an angsty indie band livening up with their cocktail of juicy tunes. Formed half-cut in a bar in town, the four piece are now rabble-raising in the haunts where they used to blow their wages.

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