frogi – “moonlight”

The textures in “moonlight” aren’t your standard pop production, for example there are no guitar or piano (or if they are it’s very subtly mixed in). However the vocal arrangement is so perfect in it’s percussiveness and the way it blends with the drum arrangement. “moonlight” by frogi is so infectious in nature you’ll have a seriously difficult time not humming the background vocals. This is a beautiful and quirky track that I highly recommend checking out to keep your Sunday bubbly.

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In her own words frogi says, “I grew up outside of Chicago and moved to LA when I was 19, I sang and wrote songs with my two sisters growing up, I’ve been writing poems since I knew how to write and been singing since I knew how to speak. I lost someone very close to me when I was nineteen, and after that all I could do was write songs all the time. It was the only thing (besides my dog) that got me through it. I started out in an indie rock band called “After Arrows,” then went solo and went to UCLA extension to learn how to produce, then worked with an old time songwriter named Ned who used to write for the Monkees and the Archies in the 70s (he taught me a lot about the writing process, not taking myself too seriously, and gave me access to his studio so I would spend almost every day there writing and producing – forever grateful to Neddy) and now I’m doing sessions all over and writing for different people/projects.”

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