Air Land Sea “How We Gonna Get There”

Thin and old school in nature “How We Gonna Get There” by Air Land Sea sounds like it could be a hidden track on Rubber Soul. A selling point is the Lennon/McCartney esque vocal harmonies peppered throughout to thicken up the mid heavy production. The brand is unmistakeable for old school with the classic sedan in a black and white photo. If you’re into a chiller version of Portugal, The Mans newest record this is totally for you with the image of the car and the indie pop sound.

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Air Land Sea is the new project from acclaimed Australian musicians and friends Nadav Kahn, Lior and Tony Buchen.

With a nod to Laurel Canyon, a healthy dose of Brian Wilson and an appetite for classic psychadelia, the three accomplished musicians came together for a cold winter’s writing trip in Daylesford, realising quickly that something special was emerging as the singular blend of their three voices created a new dimension quite distinct from their solo work and collaborations with other artists.

Lior is one of Australia’s most acclaimed singer/songwriters, bursting onto the scene with his gold-accredited album ‘Autumn Flow’ in 2005 and its hit single ‘This Old Love’. Nadav Kahn first emerged with his band Gelbison in 2000 before spending time in India discovering Verdic chants and mantra as well as Kabbalah and sacred hebrew chants. His unique soundscapes blend both old and new techniques leading to collaborations with the likes of Steve Aoki and Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun) as well as his work in film composition. Tony Buchen is one of Australia’s most in-demand producers and mixers, now based in LA after initially breaking through as frontman of triple j favourites The Baggsmen. His work with Montaigne, Courtney Barnett, Tim Finn, Troy Sivan, G Flip and The Preatures shows both the quality and depth of his musical ear.

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