Air Quotes “La Symphonie de Siham”

If you haven’t checked out “Spanish Class Fantasies” by Air Quotes make sure you do that after checking out Air Quotes latest single “La Symphonie de Siham”. I personally believe this group combines pop and symphonic style writing in a way that isn’t represented enough in the music ecosystem currently. Self described as “John Williams in the streets, Win Butler in the sheets” I feel like this group really nails their press pitch. “La Symphonie de Siham” has so many layers of color and texture in the arrangement that if you’re looking for more depth in your daily music you’ll be sure to enjoy this. Check out the Spotify stream and quick comedic press notes below.


An orchestral-rock hybrid about a French girl, Siham, who despite our best efforts will never be impressed with our music.

Featuring a 70 piece orchestra, recorded in the notorious Mosfilm Studio One in Moscow, Russia.

…also here is the previous single

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