Bad Business covers “Rio” by Low Cut Connie

So they took a whole new outlook on the edgy rock tune and turned it into more of a Steely Dan classy affair than the punk vibes from the original. The sparse yet lush arrangement is given more depth through creative panning and re-harmonization. About halfway through some beautiful background vocals are displayed more prominently despite being a subtle yet sweet addition throughout the duration of the track. This is a really solid re-arrangement that makes me feel like I’m listening to the band on Governors Island at the Oyster bar drinking cocktails in the hot sun with Manhattan skyline in the distance and imagining running away to Rio. Bad Business does a great job letting the instrumentalists and vocalists compliment each other in a tasteful way. I haven’t heard many tracks lately that feature both a guitar and saxophone solo come through my way but I’m definitely looking to enjoying more by this awesome new band. Find the attached press notes and streaming link to “Rio” as well as their full Spotify catalog.


This is a cover from the Philly-based roots rock band Low Cut Connie from their first album “Get Out the Lotion.” I met Adam, the front man/songwriter for the band while we shared a bill at an empty bar in Cleveland in 2010, and this was the first jam I heard from them. They blew me away and we have stayed friends since. I wanted to mix the story of “fun with the boys” that this song evokes with the musical vibe from Steely Dan’s “Gaucho,” and what came out is a Yacht Rocker with a disco vibe.



me and the boys are going to rio bring some strangers in our room hang out in the casino and we’ll never lose me an the boys from San Francisco love each other more than we ever knew we’ve seen each other in our speedo and in the nude


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